U.S. Senate Candidates

Primary Election: September 3rd
General Election: November 5th

1. Robert (Bob) Antonellis

Bob Antonellis is the only non-establishment candidate on the ballot. Bob is an engineer, a problem solver, and Cum Laude graduate in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He’s got 40-years of real-world experience under his belt, solving critical and complex problems, instead of creating them, like Elizabeth Warren seems to take pleasure in doing. He has been fighting for years to bulldoze the swamp, and bring an end to the vicious and lethal culture war. 

Website: www.bobforsenatema.com

2. Ian Cain

Ian Cain is proud to be the first openly gay member of Quincy’s City Council. As of December 2023 he was not enrolled in any political party, however, he recently enrolled as a Republican in order to run for U.S. Senate. When he’s not shaking hands with Joe Biden, he can be seen taking photo ops with Maura Healey.


Website: www.cainforus.com

3. John Deaton

John Deaton is a crypto-currency attorney who dove head first into the GOP Establishment. Deaton’s first action as a candidate was hiring Jim Conroy, a uni-party swamp creature, who is one of Charlie Baker’s closest advisors. As of early 2024 Deaton was not a Massachusetts resident, but decided to rent a house in Swansea and declare residency so he can run for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. 

 In addition to these concerns, Deaton has cozied up to the lobbyist-wing of the MassGOP by accepting an offer to share his campaign headquarters with them. Deaton’s campaign is littered with red flags, which has many of us wondering if he is a serious candidate or just a carpet-bagging plant for GOP swamp. 

Deaton loaned his campaign $1 Million dollars, but it’s expected that he will pay himself back $1 Million dollars after the campaign is over.

Deaton’s campaign is also openly refusing to support Donald Trump for President. 

Website: www.johndeatonforsenate.com

4. Aaron Packard (Write-In)

Aaron Packard is possibly the best candidate on the list, however he did not make the ballot. While other candidates have admittingly paid upwards of $190,000 to collect the 10,000 signatures required to appear on the ballot for US Senate, Aaron ran a grassroots campaign relying on local activists to collect signatures. When the final signature counts were tallied up, Aaron came up short of the 10,000 signatures required. 

Website: www.packard4ussenate.com

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